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Group exhibotion in Sopron
So many positive thoughts, beautiful memories and heart-pounding experiences come to mind when we think of Sopron. For 100 years now, since the Referendum, Sopron has been the Most Loyal City, and many people proudly call it the City of Loyalty. As part of the SopronFest, we asked 7 well-known visual artists to "transform" the symbol of loyalty, a gigantic wooden heart shape, as only they know how. Imre Bukta and Nóra Soós already completed this work in their own studio in the weeks before SopronFest, and we made a documentary about the creative process. However, we can meet Kata Bereczki, István Ef Zámbó, Dani Labrosse, Panni Sibitka and Péter Weiler for three days during the day from May 17 at the Mária statue in the Castle District. The artists undertook to create the Sopron symbol of loyalty in the framework of an open creative camp here, in front of the public. These works will remain in the city even after SopronFest: we will be able to take photos with them in restaurants, terraces, cafes, and hotels. We welcome not only the curious to the Mária statue, but also those children and adults who would like to draw, paint and display their own SopronFestes heart here. The artists of SopronFest ART present their selected works in a group exhibition for a week in the Munkácsy Hall of the Liszt Center. Opening: Sunday, May 12 at 3:00 p.m The exhibition will be opened by: Anikó Lévai, Ciprián Farkas, mayor of Sopron, and Zoltán Fülöp & Norbert Lobenwein, founders of SopronFest. Location: Liszt Center, Munkácsy Hall
Glamour Women of the Year
Nóra Soós is a candidate for the Glamor Women of the Year - Artist of the Year award
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Vinczemill collab Soos Nora
A small limited series made of paintings by Nóra Soós
From today, 12 paintings on completely unique, hand-dipped papers are available from 8 series of limited edition prints in collaboration with the Szentendre paper factory, Vinczemill.


Joy magazin
Dontemporary artists worth paying attention to.
Dontemporary artists worth paying attention to.


A subjective slection in which the works of Nóra Soós are also selected among many important visual artists.


Look for it in the November issue of Joy magazine