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Transparent memory: Present continuous 
individual exhibitions
2015 Transparent memory: Present continuous - Gallery Faur Zsófi, Budapest
2014 EAST REMIXD - New York, Underground Gallery (Fox Cafe)
2013 Something shold be - Lena & Roselli Gallery, Budapest
2012 Introductory Exhibition - Gallery Nest, Geneva, Swiss
Songs of experience - Gallery B55, Budapest
2011 Embelissez moi! - Hungarian Institute, Paris
2010 HOME? AT HOME? - Gallery Raiffeisen - Budapest
2009 Letter to Bruno - with Marton Győri, Gallery Friss
2008 The Sonja Krasner Collection - The Sonja Krasner Collection, Zsófi Barabás, Zsuzsa Moizer, Nóra Soós, Gallery B55, Budapest, Hungary
2007 Women between each other - Volksbank, Budapest (With Eszter Radák and Patricia Varga)
2006 Vilma and the Others - acp gallery, Budapest
2005 En-Terior - Art gallery of Szombethely, Szombathely
2004 ATIPICAL - Martino Gallery, Budapest (With Marton Gyori)
BYE! - Hungarian Academy of Fine arts Hall, Budapest (With Zsofi Barabas nad Zsuzsa Moizer) - announced: Janos Sturcz, art historian
2003 Pause - Hungarian Academy of Fine arts, Hall, Budapest - Photo exhibition
2002 WHERE ARE YOU FROM? - House of arts, Szombathely
grouped exhibitions
2014 GROUPSHOW - Galerie Proarta, Zürich, Switzerland
2013 MOYA- Young Art Hungary - Museum of Young Art, Vienna /Austria
Focus Ungarn - Galerie Gaudens Pedit, Kitzbühel, Austria
2012 Art Market Budapest - Contemporary Art market, Budapest( Lena & Roselli Gallery)
Warm up - Galerie Gaudens Pedit, Kitzbühel, Austria
Summer Six - Espace gaia Gallery, Geneva, Swiss
20 Jahre- Ungarn Reloded - Galerie Gaudens Pedit, Lienz, Austria
2011 Art-Vienna-Budapest - Hungarian Embassy, Wien, Austria
Hopeful Hungary - Oberbank Gallery, Budapst
2010 12+1 - Symbol Gallery, Budapest
Garnishings - Prestige Gallery, Budapest
2008 Alpok-Adria-Pannonia - Muggia (Milje)- Museum Carra, Italy
VALUE,ART,COLLECTION - Kogart House, Budapest
2007 International artist gallery - Kormend, Batthyány Castle
The artists of ABC Gallery - Bruxeles, Bruxeles Hungarian Institut
Vienna Fair - The Artists of ABC Gallery
Bologna Art Fair - Bologna - Artists of ABC Gallery
Personal Collection - Godot Gallery
Selection - Gallery ’5 – New York palace, Budapest
2006 Bologna Art Fair - Bologna - Artists ACB Gallery
Plug - Contemporary art fair, Art Gallery, Budapest
Ten Year Old Strabag Artist Award - Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Cicelle Club - Gallery of Ujlipotvaros, Budapest
Arte Fiera - Bologna - Artists of ACB Gallery
Fresh Colours - Gallery of Csepel
Mazsika Yearly Calendar Exghibition - Aranytiz Gallery
Vienna Fair - Wien - Artists of ACB Gallery
2005 Strabag Artists award - Ludwig Muzeum - The palace of arts, Budapest
EU Region Art award - Bartok Bela Community Center, Gyor/ Eisenstadt, Austria
BUD/GLA - Mackintosh Building, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland
Life Bouy - Volvo Salon, Budapest - auktional exhibition
2004 Kogart Salon - Kogart House, Budapest
Antiks Enterior - Art Gallery, Budapest
New Works - Art Gallery of Szombathely, Szombathely
Chrismass art exhibition - Szinyei Salon, Budapest
Artists of Vass County - Zikkurat (National Theater), Budapest
Fresh - Kogart House, Budapest
Thesis - Hungarian Academy of Fine arts, Barcsy Hall, Budapest
HOMMAGE Á GIACOMETTI - Kempinski hotel, Budapest (announced: Katalin Neray art historian)
Game - Bacsay Hall, Hungarian Academy of Fine arts - Glasgow Scool of Art (announced: Laszlo Beke art historian)
Hungarian landscape, Croatian Eye - Martion Gallery, Budapest (announced: Gabor Ebli art historian, MTA)
2003 ROUGE - Art Gallery of Szombathely, Szombathely
JAHRESAUSSTELLUNG - Akademie der Bildenden Künsten, München, Deutchland
Portrait X. - Goethe Institut, Budapest – Maurer class(announced: Sandor Radnoti aesthete)
2002 On Stage - Art Gallery of Szombathely, Szombathely - the Women artist on Vas County II.
On the language of Colours - Hungarian Academy of Fine arts, Barcsay Hall, Budapest
MEO ART FAIR - MEO Contemporary Art Institute, Budapest
Foxy Shoos - Congress Center, Budapest
Lady comes home - Hungarian Academy of Fine arts Epreskert, Parthenon fríz hall, Budapest
Green cock - Hotel Fiesta, Budapest - auktional exhibition
Two - Geothe Institute, Budapest - Maurer class
Set 1 - Budapest Gallery, Lajos street, Budapest - The introduction of the Young Artists Studio
Flags - Nest Gallery, Budapest
Cumulusz - Hungarian Academy of Fine arts Hall, Budapest
2001 ART EXPO FRISS - Art Mill, Szentendre
Impossible - Artpool, Budapest, Maurer class
- Art Gallaery of Szombethely, Szombathely - Vas County Art exhibition
GEO - Hungarian Geologiacl Institut, Budapest
With Pure Heart - Budapest Gallery, Budapest - auktional exhibition
ART DU MONDE GALLERY - Hungarian and French atrists, Budapest