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Non existant worlds
Uj Muveszet - Katalin Keseru

The artistic life in Budapest is booming or did it just find itself?  Conference upon conference about sculpting, painting, representations, tradition and at the same time, the roles of the curator, conceptions (perhaps they say less about media-art): seemingly opposing art conceptions. As if peaceful coexistence would slowly become possible.  We can thank - among others Galleries like the ones owned by Volksbank Zrt, whose credo (ars poetica) presence has been with us for the last three years. But, most of all it is the three young female artists who followed their own intuitions, are to be commended.


An Art Historian or a Gallery Director is trying to see everything - although it's more the task of an art historian - trying to understand, evaluate, to know all the individual ways in such a manner that it will become clear, lucid to everyone.  That is:  if a phenomenon is truly new, than the until now clear picture of art history becomes muddy  This history is not the sum of lined up events, but - and this is now scientific method, logic and view-point issue - the process, structure of art, etc determine unity in which anything new will create chaos.  Time to time, it must be reorganized, perhaps re-written according to a change in thematic and viewpoint, so that it will become understandable from the standpoint of art history.  The three artists together call attention to a new phenomenon. (We can thank Imre Bretus, gallery director for the unusual selection).  Naturally, the search for new tradition is not new in contemporary art.  Steeped in tradition, yet so very different the way the three of them create.


Viewing these paintings today it does not seem to be the hotbed of modern art history. This, back then was written rather simplistically and falsely since it claimed that they turned their back on tradition and became innovators.  From here on - from the impressionists - all one had to do is observe and write down the innovations, similarities.  The misunderstanding was that these artists never wanted to step out of the inner realm of tradition, just step over the rigid rules and academicism of their time.  Let's just think of the paraphrases of Van Gogh/Rembrandt or Monet/Velazquez.  As this example will show, we can not get to know modern art from written history.  Therefore, when we look at the swirling yellow and red fields, and Cyprus like figures of Patricia Minerva Varga and think of Van Gogh, do not blame yourself, but the missing mention of traditions from the unilateral art history. Let's see what the contemporary painter has learned from his/her master and what did that master learn from his predecessors, and what is he passing on.  Looking at the new landscapes or village scenes, interiors of Eszter Radak we can clearly see or mention the name of Anna Lesznai.  In the case of Nora Soos it's not so simple:  her critics often mention pop art when writing about her work.


All this, of course, does not mean that we should only look at the work of Van Gogh or Lesznai or some pop art imitation.  On the contrary! After all until the work of Patricia Varga came to being, we believed, that Van Gogh's art showed us familiar scenes, whereas it is most likely that he has never seen any part of Hungary.

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