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New ALBUM OF Nora Soos album
The new album of Nora Soos is available now!
I would like to offer you my latest album under the care of Aura Publishing, 


which summarizes the painting works of the last few years. 


The 100-page publication is now available at:


 - Láng-Téka in the Bookstore / Budapest, 1137 Pozsonyi út 5 /. 


If you want a separate dedicated copy, enter the details needed for the dedication in the store 


and I will dedicate it to you. - Writers' Shop / Budapest, 1061, Andrássy út 45 /


 - online:
































































































































-Láng_Téka bookmart
































































































































- Írók Boltja
































































































































- online:

Nők lapja Winter
2020. 12.8

Interview with Nóra Soós and with his husband Marton győri painter.

Magyar Hang
2020. 12.11.
Graffiti on the wall of barkag.

Janos lackfi wrote an article about the exhibition of Nora Soos.

2020. 11.12
Rising fall
An interview with Nóra Soós was published in JELEN magazine.
Dóra Ónody-Molnár  talked with the artist about her exhibition, organized in the Kunsthalle Budapest.